THE SHOULDER – Practical guidelines for effective treatment & rehabilitation.

Do you dread the next shoulder patient coming in? Struggle to remember shoulder anatomy and biomechanics? Find this joint complex and confusing? Then this course is for you!!
In a practical, evidenced based two-day programme, we demystify shoulder treatment leaving you confident to treat a wide range of shoulder conditions with confidence.
• Revise shoulder anatomy and brush up your palpation skills
• Understand the importance of shoulder biomechanics
• Posture and alignment – when it’s important and when it’s not.  12.29
• Shoulder impingement
• Frozen shoulder
• Instability
• Dyskinesis – what, when, and why.
• Constructing effective shoulder rehab programmes
• Manual therapy for shoulder pathology
• Taping the shoulder – tips and tricks
• Mobilisation with movement (MWM) and advanced belt techniques.
• Proprioceptive training – theory and practice
• Building strength – safe, effective, progressive.

Combining lectures to give you a handle on up to date evidence, with practical sessions including manual therapy, taping, and exercise therapy this course gives you an indepth understanding of shoulder pathology and its management.