Soft Tissue Courses

Massage is one of the four pillars of practice for the physiotherapy profession defined by the CSP. Paradoxically most physiotherapists receive little or no massage training within their undergraduate teaching nowadays.

This course aims to fill the gap which exists within our profession and give participants the knowledge and skills to use this technique as part of a modern evidence based treatment. The focus will be on the use of massage as a manual therapy tool within an outpatient setting.

The effects of the technique will be discussed and illustrated using evidence from research studies and clinical audit. The highly practical course begins with traditional massage procedures, and then introduces more specialist techniques including trigger point treatment and fascial release. Problem based learning and case history working will be used throughout.

Massage overview / effects and evidence base / traditional massage strokes / therapist posture and massage ergonomics / basic trigger point release techniques / fascial strokes / treatment planning / case history scenarios