You should look after your back; you only get one of them.

Your back is a powerful tool that your body strongly relies on. It can be mistreated through spending long hours sitting at a desk or driving, repetitive strain injury, or even stress. Back pain is a common cause of absence from work and affects most people at some point during their lives.

When back pain occurs, physiotherapy is an effective treatment option. A proper knowledge of the spine and ways to rehabilitate an injured back should be fundamentals in any physiotherapist’s toolkit.

Our course for therapists and exercise teachers of all types takes you through the functional anatomy of the spine and its proper rehabilitation through a programme of exercise.

This includes:

  • Lumbo-pelvic mechanics
  • Mechanics of lifting
  • Biopsychosocial approach to Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP)
  • Pain science
  • Posture evaluation
  • Core stability – where are we now?
  • Concepts in exercise therapy
  • Optimal tissue loading
  • Low back pain – not all in the tissues

Based on Dr Chris Norris’s book, Complete Guide to Back Rehabilitation (Bloomsbury, 2015), the two-day course presents an evidence-based programme designed to safely and effectively manage low back injuries using exercise therapy.

A balance of theory and practice is used to provide a state-or-the-art approach to modern rehab. Lectures, practical demonstrations, partner work, and small group problem-solving are all used to provide a stimulating, easy-to-follow course.