Holistic therapists at Norris Health are all qualified with an IIHHT diploma. High levels of hygiene are observed throughout treatment, and a full medical history is taken before treatment commences.

    Holistic therapies currently available include:

  • Aromatherapy – massage using pure essential plant oils. The techniques used are very gentle and deeply relaxing. They help the body to remove waste products which build up through our modern day lifestyle.
  • Reflexology – a powerful technique which targets specific points on the foot that correspond to separate areas in the body. The technique helps to balance the body and releases inner tension giving a feeling of deep calm and well being.
  • Swedish massage – uses deep stroking and kneading movements to work tired and aching muscles and is especially good after sport or exercise.
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage – helps to get rid of the tension which can often build up when you re working on a computer for a long time, or driving. The ideal executive de-stressor.
  • Indian head massage – focuses on the head and neck and can be given in a seated position wearing just a tee-shirt. It relieves eyestrain and headaches and conditions the scalp. Concentration is enhanced leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face your day.
  • Holistic pressure point facial massage – used to help tone and lift the face muscles by improving their blood flow. Your complexion can be improved and you leave looking as good as you feel.