Physio is basically hands-on right?  Manipulation, massage, joint cracking, muscle stretching, fancy machines and all that stuff.  Well, that is often how the popular press portrays it, but modern physiotherapy can be very different.  If you ask most patients what they really want from their consultation they will often say that it is to understand what is wrong with them.  The practical aspects of the treatment are often of secondary importance because they can be temporary.  Knowledge is long lasting, reassuring, and guides recovery.

Knowledge is long lasting, reassuring, and guides recovery.

What is remote physiotherapy?

We live in a high-tech age, where you can chat to your grandchildren on the other side of the world on an iPad.  You can hear them, see them and interact with them for prolonged periods at very little cost.  This technology can be used in medicine as well.  If you live in the remote outback and get a snack bite, you can contact a Doctor online who can see the bite, ask you to describe the snake and give you vital information about what action to take.  This is what we offer with remote physiotherapy – not for snake bites, but for bad backs, creaky knees, stiff shoulders and other aches and pains.

How it works

By asking questions and discussing your problem with you we can recognise patterns which indicate what is wrong.  We can ask you to perform special movements and look at how you move, noticing what you are able to do and what is hard for you.  Over a 20-30-minute appointment we can gradually build up a view of your problem.  Once we have this information, we can target your specific problem, giving simple self-help procedures.  We can instruct you on what to do and importantly what to avoid, suggesting alternatives to make life easier.  If appropriate we can guide you on specific exercises to gradually re-strengthen weak muscles and gently move stiff joints.  All the time we are watching what you do and coaching you on the way you are moving and how you are performing an action.

Good and not so good.

Obviously, this service does not allow us to use hands on techniques or physiotherapy machines, so clinic appointments will always be better in many ways.  However, if you have a painful back or wonky knee, coming to the clinic can be awkward, so the advantage of a remote service is that you get our treatment in the comfort of you home, avoiding travel.  Remote physiotherapy is neither better nor worse than face to face treatment – it is just different!

Remote physiotherapy is neither better nor worse than face to face treatment – it is just different!

What now

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