8 ways to avoid injury and keep fit

exercising safely - runner

Regular exercise is hugely beneficial for both physical and mental wellbeing. It reduces the risk of illness, helps you maintain a healthy weight, releases stress and can boost your mood.

While we often hear and read about the importance of exercising, what isn’t always mentioned is the importance of exercising in a safe and effective way which helps you avoid injury.

Here are some ways to stay fit, safe and injury-free:

  1. Prepare – always make sure you allow time to warm up and cool down, by performing your exercise initially at a lower level of effort
  2. Build it up – if you haven’t exercised regularly before, take it easy and slowly increase your activity level
  3. Listen to your body – if something doesn’t feel right or you notice unusual aches or pains, stop exercising and seek professional advice
  4. Stay hydrated – always drink plenty of water before and after exercise. You don’t need to use sports drinks or gels unless you perform high level intense exercise regularly. Try water with a little orange juice and a pinch of salt instead
  5. Train don’t strain – when lifting weights, it is important to maintain good form and don’t lift weights that are too heavy or do too many reps. Train sensibly!
  6. Respect the elements – take it easy and wear sunscreen in hot weather, and wear gloves and layers when it’s cold; you can always remove them
  7. Keep it varied – carrying out a mix of exercises can help you avoid repetitive strain injuries
  8. Recover – have a rest day at least once a week to allow your body time to repair and avoid overtraining


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