Chris Norris began writing articles for fitness magazines in the late 1980’s and published his first book (Weight training, A&C Black) in 1993. Since then he has written literally hundreds of articles for fitness, health, and therapy magazines and published nine books. Many of his books have gone into second and third editions and have been published in several languages.  His latest book, the 5th edition of the re-titled Sports and Soft Tissue Injuries was released in August 2018.

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Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries 5th edition

The fifth edition of the retitled Sports and Soft Tissue Injuries sharpens its focus on the treatment of sports injuries, providing the most complete evidence-based guide for physiotherapists, sports therapists and medical practitioners working with athletes.

Opening with chapters that examine the underlying science of tissue healing and principles of rehabilitation, the book employs a systematic approach, with chapters covering each area of the body, from facial through to ankle and foot injuries. Every chapter includes in-depth discussion and guidance on the treatment of common sports injuries, drawing on the author’s wealth of personal experience and the latest peer-reviewed research.

A complete educational resource, Sports and Soft Tissue Injuries is highly illustrated in full colour, and features a companion website with video examples of therapy techniques. This new book is an important text for students of sports therapy, physiotherapy, sport medicine and athletic training, interesting further reading for sport and exercise science students with an interest in sports injury, and a crucial reference for practicing physical therapists and related disciplines.

Complete Guide to Back Rehabilitation

Back pain will affect 80 per cent of your clients at some point in their lives, and it has been estimated at costing UK businesses over £5 billion annually both in days absent and through litigation. The back is a complex structure and all other parts of the body rely on its smooth functioning. Dr Christopher Norris takes the reader through the anatomy and mechanics of the back, the injuries and disorders the various structures of the back can suffer and then recommends the best practice for rehabilitation, covering:

· The range of back conditions
· The role of posture and muscle imbalance in back pain
· The principles of back rehabilitation
· Client assessment and rehabilitation planning
· Gym-based back rehabilitation
· Functional retraining for the back
· Yoga and clinical Pilates for back rehabilitation.

The Complete Guide to Back Rehabilitation is the essential resource for all experts involved in back care, including massage therapists, exercise therapists, physiotherapists and fitness professionals. This Complete Guide clearly outlines both the theory and practical tools to produce an effective back rehabilitation programme and offers advice on how to protect clients against further damage.

Complete Guide to Stretching (3rd edition)

For its 3rd edition (2007) the complete guide to stretching has been expanded and fully updated. Full colour photographs and live models are now used for each exercise and 157 exercises are featured. The book has 248 pages divided into three main sections: scientific principles, exercise description and practical application. Each section is colour coded for easy identification. There are 17 chapters with 80 colour line figures and 17 detailed tables.

In section (i) biomechanics, joint structure and function, muscle action, posture and stretching research are fully covered. Section (ii) details beginner, intermediate and advanced stretches. Partner and dynamic stretching is covered with new material describing stretching to nerves and fascia- a vital part of rehabilitation. Part (ii) details stretching and trigger points, measuring flexibility, stretching and sports injuries and sport-specific stretching.

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Complete Guide to Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is an essential part of many treatment programmes. This new book provides clear and accessable knowledge for therapists, trainers, coaches, and fitness professionals. Looking at body tissues & healing, assessment of injuries, structuring a rehab programme, working with clients, and exercises region-by-region this book is comprehensive and accessable.

2013, 192 pages, paperback

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Complete Guide to Clinical Massage

A practical guide to a burgeoning specialist area for fitness professionals and physiotherapists. A comprehensive guide to clinical massage techniques, tackled in Chris Norris's clear and accessible style. Packed with photographs and clear descriptions. The e-book version also contains video clips showing the massage techniques in action.

From the tools of the trade to how to use techniques most effectively on patients this is a must have guide for all trainee and practising masseuses, physiotherapists, sports therapists and fitness professionals.

Complete Guide to Sports Injuries

This new addition to the well-known Complete Guide series covers the background into the structure and function of an area, the key signs for recognising symptoms and how to treat injuries with massage, taping and hot/cold techniques.

Fully illustrated and packed with photography ranging from exercises to massages to suit specific injuries, it outlines the correct position and technique. The physiology is clearly illustrated and taping methods are clearly explained step-by-step.

2011, 208 pages, paperback.

Available on Amazon.

Managing Sports Injuries, 4th edition

Now in its fourth edition with the revised title - Managing Sports Injuries: a guide for students and clinicians - this highly practical guide maintains its evidence-based approach while introducing new material from both research and clinical sources. It is a comprehensive resource for the management of soft-tissue injuries, focusing on therapy.

Well referenced and extensively illustrated, this text continues to be invaluable to physiotherapists, sports and massage therapists, medical practitioners, and all those involved in the treatment of athletes and sports people.

This edition is now out of print (available in e-book format only) and replaced by Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries 5th edition (above).

Acupuncture Pocketbook

The 2nd edition of the popular Acupuncture Pocketbook has a fresh colourful design. Two colour line drawings are used throughout with over 380 separate points detailed. Colour tabs are used to differentiate each meridian, simplifying the point search process. New figures enhance clarity with important surface anatomy relations clearly shown. Point usage and needling technique is described, and points are grouped regionally for ease of selection. Both Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) indications are used. Tables list point categories and conditions are indexed.

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The Complete Guide to Abdominal Training (Complete Guides)

This best selling book has become the definitive guide to safe and effective development of the trunk muscles, and covers:

How the Spine Works / Concepts of Abdominal Training /Posture / Diet / Trunk Exercise Dangers /
Foundation Movements Exercise Progression / AbTraining Sport and Water / Abdominal Muscle
Research / Developing Programmes.

Available on Amazon.

Back Stability

Based on Chris Norris popular 3 day course this book describes a muscle balance approach to rehabilitation of the spine.

Biomechanics/stabilisation mechanisms/posture/muscle imbalance/abdominal training/establishing stability/advanced training/building a program/preventing re-injury.

2000, 272 pages, 251 figs, Hardback. Human Kinetics.

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Stretching for Running

Based on the hugely successful Complete Guide to Stretching,this new series from Chris Norris is a sport-specific three-phase programme of stretching, from beginner level, through intermediate stretches, to advanced dynamic development. Chris introduces the book with some advice on self-assessment and warm-ups, and at the end of the book there is a training log to assess development and a handy section on treating injuries encountered in running.

With stretches illustrated with full-colour photography, and in a handy training bag-sized format, Stretching for Running is your ideal running partner.

Available on Amazon.

Stretching for Racquet Sports

Based on the hugely successful Complete Guide to Stretching,this new series from Chris Norris is a sport-specific three-phase programme of stretching, from beginner level, through intermediate stretches, to advanced dynamic development. Chris introduces the book with some advice on self-assessment and warm-ups, and at the end of the book there is a training log to assess development and a handy section on treating injuries encountered in racquet sports.

With stretches illustrated with full-colour photography, and in a handy sports bag-sized format, Stretching for Racquet Sports is your ideal partner on court.

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Body Toning

The essential reference for all those using gym-based exercises. Bodytoning explains the principles of training preparation, body fuel systems, how muscles work and factors affecting body shape. The reader is then taken through a series of exercises adaptable for all levels of ability working with weight training machines, barbells, dumbells, bands, gymballs and stretches.

With an emphasis on safety throughout, Bodytoning offers clear and comprehensive illustrations, full colour pictures, up to date background information and cutting edge training programmes. In addition to basic programmes, you will find information on core stability, power, speed, stretching and specific programmes for target populations including back pain, pregnancy, circulatory problems and general aches and pains. With its science based, cutting edge approach Bodytoning is a must for today’s gym user.

216 pages - 260 full colour photo - 45 line drawings

Available on Amazon.


Links practical physiotherapy techniques with acupuncture.

Principles of TCM/The Zang Fu organs/Meridians/Acupuncture and Pain Relief/Acupuncture Points/Patient Questioning and Point Selection/Acupuncture Treatment Methods/Treatment Protocols for the lower limb, upper limb, back and trunk. 2001, 192 pages. Heinemann

Available on Amazon


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