Company Health

We offer a range of company health services designed to help employees maintain their health at work. By improving employee wellbeing – whether through assessing their workstations, providing manual handling training, or by providing physiotherapy or other therapies – we can help prevent common musculoskeletal conditions. Back pain alone has been estimated at costing UK businesses over £5 billion annually both in days absent and through litigation.

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Our company health services

Holistic Therapies

To help reduce stress caused by work – also used by companies in the past as a reward for targets met

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On-site Physiotherapy

To help rehabilitate employees quickly, with as little loss of work time as possible.

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Workstation Assessments

Using our experience of ergonomics to assess likely causes of physical stress in the work environment and to make recommendations to reduce the risk.

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Training Courses

For employees and their supervisors in back pain prevention, based on our expertise in ergonomics and physiotherapy.

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