Anatomy for Yoga

spine - anatomy for yogaIn this Anatomy for Yoga 2 day course, physiotherapist, medical author, and yoga instructor Dr Chris Norris looks at functional anatomy and biomechanics relevant to the safe, effective practice of yoga postures (asanas).  We look at

  • basic concepts of anatomy,
  • Joints, muscles, nerves, and fascia
  • Muscle contraction, tone, and stretching
  • Action of the shoulder blade and joint and shoulder pain
  • The pelvic girdle and lumbar spine in bending actions
  • Posture and pain
  • The core – when its important and when it’s not
  • The cervical spine during inversions postures
  • Blood flow through muscle, blood pressure, and recovery
  • The hip and knee in the prevention and rehabilitation of injury
  • Lower limb alignment in standing postures
  • Mechanics of respiration in relation to yoga breathing (pranayama)

During the course Chris uses mixed media with PowerPoint slides, anatomical joint and spine models, skeleton, surface anatomy of course participants, and video playback.

The focus  is on practical application, exercise modification and hands on cueing and adjustment from an evidence based anatomical approach.  A enjoyable non-intimidating course for those who want to  improve their yoga practice or teaching.