Back Rehabilitation

back rehabilitation book– the 3R’s approach

Based on Dr Chris Norris’ book Complete Guide to Back Rehabilitation (Bloomsbury, 2015) this 2 day course presents an evidence based program to safely and effectively manage low back injuries using exercise therapy.  It introduces the 3R’s approach – a  clinical framework to guide therapists and exercise professionals through the process of designing effective Back Rehab programmes (Norris, 2019).

A balance of theory and practice is used to provide a state-or-the-art approach to modern rehab.  Lectures, practical demonstrations, partner work, and small group problem solving are all used to provide a stimulating, easy to follow course.

Learn the science, see the evidence, practice the techniques and expand your client management tools!

Suitable for therapists and exercise teachers of all types (Level 3 and above).

  • Functional anatomy of the spine
  • Lumbo-pelvic mechanics
  • Mechanics of lifting
  • Biopsychosocial approach to Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP)
  • Pain science – what is it and when is it relevant?
  • Posture evaluation an update – is posture important?
  • Core stability – where are we now?
  • The 3R’s approach – why & how
  • Concepts in exercise therapy
  • Teaching techniques for clinical clients
  • Cueing (visual / tactile / auditory), adjustments,
  • Optimal tissue loading & rehab planning
  • Low back pain – not all in the tissues
  • Exercise progression  – from injury onset to return to work.
DateVenueCourse organiserSuitabilityCost
19-20 May 2021Live&OnlinePlease visit NCore for information and bookingsSuitable for therapists and exercise teachers of all types£270.00

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