Musculoskeletal Courses

Musculoskeletal courses

Norris Health offer a range of musculoskeletal courses for professional physiotherapists, massage therapists and exercise teachers. Please see our current course calendar or contact us if you’d like to discuss scheduling a course.

Functional Rehabilitation of the Shoulder

A single day course working with a muscle imbalance approach to shoulder rehabilitation. Beginning with a revision of basic muscle balance principles we then look at the biomechanics of shoulder function and go onto postural evaluation of the shoulder region. Rehab programmes deal with scapular stability, postural correction relative shoulder function and open / closed chain protocols. Cervical dysfunction relative to the shoulder is covered.

Integrated Manual Therapy

A three-day course giving an in-depth practical knowledge of modern manual therapy techniques. Drawing on over 35 years of clinical practice, Dr Christopher Norris has produced a detailed course which distils manual therapy into its most clinically effective techniques.

Sports and Soft Tissue Injuries

An introductory / intermediate level programme for therapists, (physiotherapists, massage therapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, medical doctors) which will also be of interest to sports coaches and exercise professionals. The SSTI course presents an evidence based approach to the management of sports and soft-tissue injuries for those treating musculoskeletal conditions in a clinic, hospital, or team environment.