Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT)

integrated manual therapy techniques

The Integrated Manual Therapy course is a three-day course giving an in-depth practical knowledge of modern manual therapy techniques.

Drawing on over 35 years of clinical practice, Dr Christopher Norris has produced a detailed course which distils manual therapy into its most clinically effective techniques. Combining work by Cyriax, Maitland, McKenzie and Mulligan, the Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) course cuts through the traditional dogma which pervades much of manual therapy teaching. In three days you will learn effective techniques for the lower limb, upper limb, and spine giving you confidence to begin treating from day one.

Day one

  • The science of manual therapy
  • Grading & recording manual therapy
  • Techniques for the hip, knee, ankle, and foot

Day two

  • Clinical reasoning – what to apply & how to decide
  • Techniques for shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

Day three

  • Progressing techniques and incorporating into an effective rehab programme.
  • Techniques for lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint (SIJ), thoracic spine and ribs, cervical spine.

Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) – list of techniques

Demo of technique followed by guided practical working with partner.

All students must act as subjects for partner except where pre-described medical condition inhibits.


Day OneHipLongitudinal glide using bodyweight and belt
Lateral glide using belt
Quadrant mobilisation
Distraction at 90 degrees hip flexion
Rotation at 90 degrees hip flexion
Mobilisation with movement to flexion
MWM rotation
KneeAP & PA glide using block
Capsular stretch using forearm pivot
Traction rotation (loose body)
Valgus / varus glide
Longitudinal distraction
AnkleAnterior draw calcaneum using block
Sub taloid distraction and glide
MWM dorsiflexion on stool (PA glide)
FootMid-foot glide at calcaneal-cuneiform line
Tarsal glides including Cuboid accessory mob
Toe distraction
Day TwoShoulderLateral glide
Longitudinal distraction
Lateral rotation passive stretch
Quadrant stretch
MWM to scaption
MWM to medial rotation
ElbowMobilisation of radial head
Mobilisation into extension
WristAP glide
Lunate / capitate glide
HandPhalanx distraction
Interphalangeal AP glide.
Day Three
Spine and SIJ
Spine (all levels)PA mob to spinous process all levels
Rotation mob to lumbar spine grades 1-4
HVT (grade 5) to lumbar spine
Transverse mob to all levels
PA pressure to articular pillar (facet joint) all levels
RibcageCostovertebral mob in sitting
Intercostal muscle stretch sitting
Cervical spine isolationCervical traction manual supine (alternate hand positions & belt)
Cervical rotation mob (grades I-IV)
PelvisLeg pull SIJ mob
Pelvic spring procedures (prone & supine)
Sub-occipital flexion (chin tuck) mob
CS lateral glide (lower and upper cervical)