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The Yoga as Therapy (YAT) course introduces qualified therapists and exercise teachers to the concepts of using yoga exercises (Asana’s) as part of a rehabilitation programme.

The course introduces yoga concepts & methods, and teaches introductory postures in standing, sitting, and lying. Mats (sticky mat) and small equipment (belt, wooden brick, foam block) are used. Students are taught to progress and sequence exercises, and modify them to suit a variety of clinical scenarios.

Clinical reasoning examples are given for common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, and small class format discussed.

The course emphasizes self practice, observation, movement analysis, planning, cueing & adjustment.

The course is delivered as a 3 day block.

Pre course reading (2 hours) and self assessed yoga practice log (10 hours)

Day 1 – introduces yoga concepts and modifies postures for use in therapy on a one-to-one basis.

Day 2 – extends the posture repertoire and prepares students to teach small groups alongside one-to-one instruction. Yoga breathing (pranayama) and relaxation / mindfulness techniques are introduced.

Day 3 – brings in further postures, and introduces sequencing and session planning.

Yoga as Therapy – Course Aims

  • provide students with the knowledge and skills to equip them to teach yoga based exercise as an integrated skill within their current practice
  • develop competence in applying yoga using a clinical reasoning approach
  • develop the knowledge and skills to practice yoga postures for self care and demonstration
  • develop skills to critically appraise yoga postures and practice for safety and effectiveness
  • introduce yoga breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques
  • enhance the development of observation for movement analysis within yoga practice
  • provide education and practice to post graduate level.
DateVenueCourse organiserSuitabilityCost
Online - continuously availableOnlineNorris Health via this link Therapists & Exercise Professionals£240
22/23/24th April 2023Florence Nightingale Community Hospital
London Road
Please see NCORE website for information and bookingsQualified Therapists & Exercise Teachers £345.00
28 February 2024
1 hour FREE Zoom webinar (7pm – 8pm)
OnlinePlease visit NCore website for information and bookingsLevel 3 therapists and exercise teachers and aboveF.O.C
27-29 April 2024Florence Nightingale Community Hospital
London Road
Please see NCORE website for information and bookingsQualified Therapists & Exercise Teachers £375.00


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