Norris Health Congleton Clinic

Patient care at Norris Health

Norris Health offer a range of services to our patients at our clinic, providing high quality patient care in state-of-the-art facilities to people needing help to recover from injury, treatment for chronic conditions, or relief from pain or stress.


For spinal problems, muscle injuries, joints, fractures, vascular disorders and diseases of the nervous system. Find out more.

Holistic therapy

For relief of tension and stress, post-exercise care, and to detox the body. Find out more.


For relief of pain and treatment of conditions such as hayfever, migraine and insomnia. Find out more.

Exercise therapy & Fitness

For rehabilitation following injury or medical conditions, and for improving general health and wellbeing.  Find out more.

Chiropody and podiatry

For footcare, relieving painful conditions and providing specialist care for chronic conditions or injuries. Find out more.