Norris Health Congleton clinic for chiropody

Chiropody and podiatry at Norris Health

The Norris Health clinic in Congleton has state registered chiropodists who provide nail care, and podiatry. They  are members of the Heath and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the College of Podiatrists.  Here are just some of the conditions or chiropodists can help with:

  • verrucae
  • bunions and other toe deformities
  • corns and callouses
  • fungal infections
  • care of children’s feet
  • in growing toenails
  • orthotic prescription
  • sports injuries
  • care of the diabetic foot
  • relief from arthritic pain
  • care of elderly feet

What to expect

All chiropody instruments are sterilised and a different set of instruments in used on each patient.  You will take your shoes and socks off and the Chiropodist will give your feet a thorough examination.  When looking closely at your nails they will often use a special magnifying light, and chiropody machine may be used which has different attachments to target different nail types.

Often patients say their feet feel so much better following treatment and some say its ‘like walking on air’!

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The Carter & George Practice look forward to building on the excellent reputation of Norris Health, and are committed to ensuring minimal disruption in your care.

For details of Dr Chris Norris’ courses, publications and consultancy see his new website Dr Chris Norris.

We are very proud to announce that Norris Health has been acquired by The Carter & George Practice, co-owned by England Rugby International, Jamie George.

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