Clinical Personal Training

Looking to get fit, but carrying an injury?

We can help!  We provide clinical personal training in our purpose-built rehab gym.  You will work under the close supervision of our university degree trained Sports Therapists in our small boutique gym.  No crowded gym floor, loud music, or muscle men – just exercise designed specifically to your individual requirements.  We work at a pace to suit you, taking into account your age, physical condition, and history of injury.

Norris Health gym for clinical personal training

We begin with a thorough assessment of your needs, taking into account your age, bodyweight, and exercise history.  We then discuss any injuries or medical conditions which you have had over the years and agree the way forward.  We create a plan for your programme, giving specific aims and timescales – you may want to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time for example, or perhaps your knee needs strengthening in preparation for a walking holiday.  Whatever your physical needs, we will work with you towards achieving them!

Whatever your physical needs, we will work with you towards achieving them!

We work with clients with

  • Sports injuries – returning to your sport
  • Post-natal fitness – getting your shape back
  • Bad backs and stiffness – gradually regaining strength and flexibility
  • Muscle pulls, and aching joints – relieving pain and advising on the best exercises
  • Those recovering from operations such as hip and knee replacements – confidence on stairs, slopes, and shopping.
  • Clients with balance problems and a history of falls – regaining your self confidenceNorris Health equipment for clinical personal training
  • Seniors who want to be active again – its never to late!!


Our facilities are very different to high street gyms.  Many of our machines have been chosen to be lighter and less intimating.

Our weights begin at lower levels, and we have a clean, quiet, and private environment.

You won’t feel intimidated or be asked to do things you are uncomfortable with.  Don’t want to wear shorts or lycra?  Neither do we!


For more details email us at or phone us direct on 01260 290564.


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